About Keytunity

I'm Jason McKee and I'm the person behind Keytunity. I developed it myself from scratch and I'm super proud of it

In the last few years I've been building websites and applying SEO techniques I've learnt, and some I've taught myself to grow them.

Why Keytunity?

I've built affiliate websites of my own, using many of the existing tools on the market.

Many of these tools provide excellent sources of data and are incredibly useful. They excel at they aim to do

However, I felt there was something missing from the selection of tools out there already. Something that was simple and used a primary data source.

That's why I built my own script to analyze the Google Search Console data in conjunction with my websites. I was amazed with how good this proved to be at detecting secondary keywords and new article topics. Thus was born Keytunity.

Keytunity is my way of helping others grow their sites in a simple, clear and inexpensive way.

With Keytunity I aim to give other websites the tools they need to grow their content and traffic.

What can you do?

You have a role in this! Use Keytunity, try it out and please feedback.

If you like it, and think it worthwhile, then upgrade to a paid plan. Paid plans help fund development, and maintenance of Keytunity and give this project a future.


I've already being implementing many of the features and changes requested by early users of Keytunity

Of course I have my own ideas of what to include next, but user feedback often gets priority, especially if I can implement it quickly!

Next Steps

I'm planning on incorporating more user feedback as it comes. My favorite piece was a search tool to make it easier to find pages to review.

I have already been refining the Keytunity algorithm and will continue to do so. We are incredibly excited about the possibilities and believe there is so much more untapped potential in the Google Search Console data.

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